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A unique European-style urban cafe specializing in sweet and savory crepe

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Urban Matter

Urban Matter is a home accessories & gift boutique featuring local makers & artisans, curated treasures and made-by-hand goods.
We also offer design services, custom lighting, house made leather goods and a unique indoor/outdoor event space.

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Tower Grove Park

Tower Grove Park’s landscape of grassy meadows, approximately seven thousand trees and many varied flowerbeds make the park an important urban green space. The Park is a premier urban and historical destination, and is maintained through an annual park maintenance program, an urban forest renewal program, and an array of free and low-cost educational, recreational, cultural and social opportunities for schools, neighboring communities, and the St. Louis region.

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Venice Café

Every inch of this eclectic bar is covered in…something! There is beautiful mosaic work, custom neon signs, recycled items, toys, boats, taxidermy, and basically anything you could ever think of.

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Pizza Head


Basil Spice

Blue City Deli/ Melo’s Pizzaria

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Urban Matter



Zee Bee

Dunaway Books

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Tower Grove Park

City Garden

Missouri Botanical Gardens

Benton Park

Forest Park

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Fox Theatre

City Museum

The Improv Shop

Soulard Farmer’s Market

Stray Dog Theatre

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Venice Café

Up Down STL

Tick Tock Tavern

Riley’s Pub

The Gramophone

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